Tranquillity Base, The New Generation BMW M5 Has Landed
The new generation M5 is here and while this is no giant leap for automotive kind it is a changing of the guard as the old one is vanquished in favor of the new leader of the pack. The M5 series has a 32-year history and this time it’s a 600bhp, 750Nm torque V8 twin-turbo providing the power. This allows the 2018 spec BMW M5 to accelerate from 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds. Perhaps the biggest change is the arrival of BMW’s all-wheel-drive or as they call it M xDrive. Oh, and this gen M5 has an all carbon fiber roof. No word on price just yet, but rumors have it that the new M5 will cost a whopping £90k.  BMW-M5-Driven-Review-Dailycarblog
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