Watch This Cockpit POV F1 Simulation With Controversial Halo Attached

Using the PC simulator rFactor YouTuber ElReyGuiri has added his own Halo patch a Ferrari F1 car. From a cockpit POV position we get an early preview of what it will be like to drive an F1 car with the Halo attached.

The Halo is controversial, it’s designed to give drivers extra head protection but fans and critics are opposed to the Halo purely for aesthetics.

What we do see is that the Halo isn’t as restrictive as it appears, on twisty circuits peripheral vision is unobstructed.

However straight-on vision appears to be obscured, there is a ‘dead-zone’ in the center of the V area, where the two arcs meet.

From this POV vantage, we can assume the Halo will be more of a safety hazard on some circuits than others.

For example, through Eau Rouge, the straight-on visibility appears to be dangerously non-existent. Only time will tell.

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