Why Ferrari’s F1 Quit Threat Is Just Another Throwaway Threat… Or Is It?
Formula One
Ferrari issued a stern warning via Sergio Marchionne to quit Formula One because they disagree with the future strategy and plans drawn up by new owners Liberty Media. Liberty Media wants to make the sport more accessible to smaller engine makers but their proposals have left the four major engine manufacturers scratching their heads with Ferrari voicing their disapproval in the strongest diplomatic terms possible. This isn’t the first time Ferrari has issued such a threat and it certainly won’t be the last. New engine design proposals put forward by the governing body of the FIA and the F1 Group effectively put a budget cap on developing engines from 2021. However, Ferrari and F1’s current crop engine manufacturers such as Mercedes and Renault argue the changes will actually increase costs because fresh investment will be required to develop the engines to 2021 specs. Under the new engine proposals, the FIA intends to keep the core engine architecture of the current 1.6-litre hybrid V6 turbo and introduce standardisation to certain engine parts. Liberty Media executives intend to make F1 much simpler, cheaper and return some of the “noise glamour” that has gone missing in the V6-hybrid turbo era. In other words, Liberty Media wants to dumb down Formula 1 and this is why Ferrari is so vehemently opposed to engine rule changes as proposed by Liberty Media. Former F1 ringmaster, Bernie Ecclestone, said during a recent interview that Ferrari’s quit threat could be for real. “If they can’t win, they will put forward new regulations,” he says. “If the regulations come out where Ferrari think it is going to be a struggle and they can’t support the money then they will leave.” Said Ecclestone during a recent interview. Ferrari is contracted to F1 until 2020, it seems Ferrari are trying to publically twist Liberty Media’s arm to put forward more relevant engine proposals. Will Ferrari really quit F1? Bernie Ecclestone was a deal maker with him now out of the equation it seems Ferrari could quit F1 if Liberty Media prove unwillingly to get the deal done.  Ferrari-Quit-Threat-Sebastian-Vettel-Dailycarblog-F1
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