Aston Martin Could Be Worth £2-3bn As It Prepares For Potential Stock Market Listing
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If this sounds like insider trading then it all but is, rumors are swirling that Aston Martin is preparing to list on the stock market, initial reports suggest that the company could be worth up to £3 billion GBP. Even rumors of such a proposed sale are likely to cause a lot of interest and a lot of interest could make Aston’s share price rise even before any listing has been completed.

Aston Martin is owned by a foreign consortium of venture capital firms, Investindustrial is made up of Kuwaiti and Italian private equity firms who control 90 percent of the company.

Former owners, Ford, still retains a small shareholding and 2 years ago Mercedes were gifted around 5 percent as part of a technical supply and collaboration deal.

Private equity firms are focused purely on profit. Aston’s shareholders are sensing now is the time for an IPO as the company experiences a rise in demand.

Under current CEO Andy Palmer, who was appointed in 2014, Aston Martin has undergone a new diet of product planning, updates, and special edition models.

The new DB11 has seen strong demand and the new V8 Vantage is sure to gain a new generation of buyers for the 108-year-old company.

For the first time since 2010 Aston Martin recorded a pretax profit, production volumes have risen by 65 percent which equates to 3,330 cars built in the first nine months of 2017.

Aston Martin is aiming for yearly production volumes of 3,500 vehicles per year and will surely hit that mark with the new V8 Vantage and DBX SUV.

The DBX will be made in wales in a purpose-built facility to the tune of a £840m GBP investment.

A public offering could be made in Q3, 2018. Investor interest is said to be strong.

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