Choosing Your First Car? Here Are Two Options To Consider

So you’ve passed your driving test, congratulations! Your next step is to choose your first car. When choosing your first car, your choice will be affected by budget, insurance and how easy the car is to drive. Everyone remembers their first car, so making those memories positive rather than negative is crucial.

It’s not just the cost of purchasing your first car that needs to be considered. You also need to factor for insuring your car, repairs, servicing, road tax and fuel costs, not to mention the cost of the Alfies Driving School, driving lessons you have spent already! As a new driver a large proportion of your budget will go on insurance. You are considered a high risk to insurers until you have built up your experience and no claims.

To stay in control of insurance costs ensure you choose your first car from a low insurance category and shop around to find the best quotes.

Cars in low insurance groups usually have a low engine size, which is easier to handle for new drivers. They are also more economical on fuel and cheaper to buy.

With so many cars to choose from, which cars are considered a good choice for new drivers?

Skoda Citigo – The Skoda Citigo has an appealing low price and is in insurance group 1, which is the cheapest group to insure for new drivers. The engine size is 1.0 litre and it is exempt from paying car tax.

The car is surprisingly spacious with a  251 litre boot and has many safety feature. If you feel that the Citigo looks a little familiar, this may be because it is basically a Seat Mii or Volkswagen Up with a Skoda badge. The cars are almost exactly the same, but the Skoda Citigo is much cheaper.

The Citigo is available in both a three door and five door option, providing flexibility and space. The model can be bought at different levels ranging from sparse extras to extremely well appointed trimmings with the option of automatic city braking.

The Citigo along with the Seat Mii and Volkswagen Up, have the reputation of being the best handling city car on the market. The car doesn’t sway too much when handling bends and doesn’t seem to be affected too badly by cross winds on motorways. Due to its compact size parking is a dream. All of which are ideal for the new and inexperienced driver.

Nissan Micra – The Nissan Micra is also in insurance group 1.The Micra has always been a popular choice as a first car and it has had a model update for 2017. The re design has included a whole host of on board technology and has now for the first time, the chance to rival the Volkswagen Polo.

The new Micra is available as a five speed manual only and comes with five doors, including a hatchback. There is a large array of sticker and colour options available, or maybe you prefer sombre and plain colours.

The engine is a 0.9 turbo triple, which cruises at leisure on motorways. Sometimes accelerating on a hill may be a struggle, but the economy of running the car will most likely counteract this.

For a small car bumps on the road are easily handled, which makes for a comfortable ride.

These are two examples of new cars available to buy that are recommended for new drivers. There are plenty more options on the market. Ensure you do your research before parting with your cash.

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