Is The McLaren 720S The Best Supercar Ever Made?

McLaren are the babies of the supercar world, to underestimate them, however, would be foolish. The road car division, initially produced limited editions, was actually founded in 1985. Just 7 years later they produced the McLaren F1, once the fastest car in the world; an undeniable legend. From then on McLaren has produced better and better cars, their P1 is the pinnacle of automotive design and engineering, rubbing shoulders with the La Ferrari and Porsche 918.

The 720s have had every last ounce of technology poured into it, they’ve completely drained their engineering team of ideas to produce it. In such a short lifespan, McLaren may well have created the best supercar on the planet to date.


The name is a reference to the horsepower produced by the twin-turbo V8 as it is in other models. Almost everything on the car is new, 91% of it to be exact. The new carbon fibre tub now stretches past the driver’s head into the top of the door, this addition saves 18KG and lowers the center of gravity.

The engine is slightly less new, only 41%this time, so it has a slight resemblance to the previous car however with far greater speed and throttle response.


‘Without a doubt the greatest supercar made in the 21st Century, it offers everything from performance to comfort.’ Added Vince of Ashington Autos.

In previous generations, the stylist had been at the mercy of aerodynamics, an unwinnable challenge. This time around, however, neither of the departments have had to compromise. Huge air ducts still take fresh air into the engine but they’ve been subtly placed in the lines of the body.


All of this results in a dazzling piece of architecture not usually seen by the Brit. The spoiler is well hidden in the bodywork under normal driving conditions, when sport mode is activated however, it raises up to provide much needed downforce and also act as an air brake for spirited driving.

The interior has had a much-needed refresh, the carbon tub allows for exceptional all-round visibility thanks to a reduction in the size of the A-pillars, the infotainment system has been overhauled as well to provide an intuitive system to match this incredible car.


The instrument binnacle flips when race mode is activated, this eliminates unnecessary information and leaves you with only the revs, speedo and gear indicator. There are two options for seats, whilst both offer exceptional driving position the sports seats provide slightly more wiggle room. Cost for all of this? Over £200k.

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