Somebody Turned An MG ZT Into A Pickup Truck, Then Decided To Add A Jet Engine

What happens when you take a 2002 V6 powered MG ZT and decide to convert it into a pickup truck. You get a complete one-off and course an MG ZT Pickup truck in the bag. It appears the owner then decided to add a 35000 rpm Rolls Royce Gas turbine jet engine onto the load bay.


This particular example is actually up for sale on eBay right now, with bidding (which has reached £5k) due to end later in the day.


The MG ZT-Pickup-Jet-Truck has covered 94k miles and includes all of the paperwork for peace of mind. The jet engine comes complete with its own fuel supply and runs either of diesel or kerosene.


The owner/creator fitted an ignition switch for the jet engine but has only ever run it on idle. Apparently, it is fully road legal.

Just imagine how the MOT was conducted on this… thing.

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