Shmee150 Returns After Diet & Major Facelift Surgery To Test Out The Alpine A110

OK, so this isn’t Shmee150 and he hasn’t had major cosmetic surgery or gone on a fast track sliming diet. It seems to be Shmee150’s YouTube channel is no longer exclusively about Shmee150 and his review odyssey, he now seems to be outsourcing his reviews to fellow contemporaries. 

With over 1.1m YouTube subscribers Shmee150 represents a goldmine for motoring manufactures to get their marketing message across. So it doesn’t matter if Shmee150 is fronting a review.

if Shmee150 decided to replace himself by using machine learning, as long as he has a large subscriber base then to an auto manufacturer it wouldn’t matter because it’s all about the numbers Lebowski.

Alpine, which originally founded as an independent manufacturer of small, lightweight sports cars (the French Lotus) is owned by Renault.

The latter means the Alpine will suffer from a blown turbo because Renault Turbos are unreliable. That sounds like uninformed guesswork, however its an opinion formed from ownership experience.

And we do have evidence (although not confirmed and purely based on open-ended conjecture) as Top Gear recently found out for themselves.

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