This Is How Bentley Owners Prepare For The Apocalypse In Donald Trump’s America
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Imagine the state of fear you have to be in to turn your perfectly acceptable Bentley Continental GT into an off-roader. It doesn’t make any sense until you realise that this creation was made by Dutch firm, Classic Youngtimers Consultancy, an odd name for what is a used car sales paradigm. The Dutch are sensible people, with sensible manners and as a result, have a yearning to become full-on crazy. The Continental GT Off-Road is an expression of this Dutch yearning to find their inner lunacy. Moreover, Americans, who are fearful of a light switch, will see the Continental GT Off-Road as a must need addition to their underground survival shelters. Bentley-Continental-GT-Off-Road-Closeup-Dailycarblog When Donald Trump’s America finally crumbles into a fight between corporate America and the people only survivalists will remain. These survivalists will prefer to wait it out until the smoke clears and when it does the Continental GT is what they will use to traverse the barren and desolate landscape. The Continental GT Off-Road is also perfect for America Land now, where the crumbling infrastructure is only passable if you have a 4×4 and an AK47. Bentley-Continental-GT-Off-Road-Closeup-Dailycarblog Interestingly the Continental GT Off-Road is based upon the first generation model, that means you get that 560bhp, 6.0-litre turbocharged W12 with permanent 4-wheel drive. The Off-Road isn’t fitted with a locking diff, so it isn’t a proper off-roader but the suspension has been raised by 3-inches and it has been made to look a bit more… ”off-roady”. If you are an Emerican, and you live in constant fear of your own making and or imagined and you believe an apocalypse is about to happen then perhaps you should consider the Continental GT Off Road as the perfect scavenger vehicle.  Bentley-Continental-GT-Off-Road-Closeup-Dailycarblog
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