Is The AI Automated Vehicle Safer Than A Human Driver?
We all have a slight fear in the back of our minds every time we get in a car, because no matter how good of a driver we may be – accidents still happen, and we tend to be reminded of that every single day from the media. And yet we spend so much time on making our cars look the best and drive the best, from the kind of plates we have on show that reflect our nicknames thanks to sites like www.primoregistrations.co.uk, and the modified flashy wheels we ride with throughout the day. While there is nothing wrong with making our vehicles an attractive addition to our lives, we also need to think more about the little things, like whether we put our seatbelt on, and waiting to make that phone call until we’re parked up. As technology gets more advanced, there are more and more brands that are implementing the self-driving approach. They are created in the hopes of saving lives by avoiding common crashes that can happen. The thing is, how do we know whether they really any safer than we are as a driver? The comparison statistics The statistics that have been taken from human-driven vehicles are all from many different situations including various different roads and terrain, as well as the condition of the driver, and what the weather was up to. Whereas the self-driven cars have only been tested in specific areas with good weather, meaning generally dry and sunny. So much data has been taken, but is it really fair as they are not under the same circumstances? Most tasks that are tested are the ability to stay in the correct lane without going over the lines on the road. Automated cars are very good at passing as this is all achieved by the built-in sensors. But having said that – so are humans. Automated cars are also very good at driving on clear open roads, but again, so are humans. The differences One thing that does win a lot of people over with automated cars is the fact that they don’t get frustrated or competition, or angry, or tired, or drunk. Whereas humans can and do, and as we all know by now, these are some of the most common reasons we have a crash. Although, humans have a natural reflex and reaction that can stop many bad outcomes, while the automated cars do not yet have such a feature – or at least aren’t able to anticipate like humans can. They drive from moment to moment, as a pose to thinking of what may lie ahead. The combination Mixing the two together would create a much better outcome, but isn’t that what we already have nowadays anyway? – Upgraded safety features with intelligent sensors like https://360.here.com explains, as well as an intelligent human being controlling it all. You see, everyone has their own opinion on just how safe self-driving vehicles are, and while we are being told how brilliant they perform, a lot of the population are still uneasy on handing over total control. It seems to be that people are still waiting for more valuable evidence before making up their minds.  Homer-Simpson-Driving-Drinking-Beer-Dailycarblog
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