When A 710bhp McLaren Isn’t Enough And You Just Want More… Power
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So, you just spent circa $320,000 on purchasing your new McLaren 720s, the heartbeat that defines the 720S is the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 which sends 710bhp to the rear wheels. Such power enables you, the owner, to experience the elements of the 720S such as the hydraulic suspension working at speeds you have never before sensed.

Then after a few minutes behind the wheel, your mind wanders, and you think “what if I could extract more man-power?”

The answer is here, German tuning outfit, Wheelsandmore have the actual answer. They can tune your McLaren 720S from 710bhp to full-on, close to damn-it 800bhp.


Wheelsandmore offers two states of tuning for the 720S, Stage 1 is an increase in power of 49bhp and 76 Nm, stage two offers a further boost of 79bhp and 120 Nm.

Wheelsandmore is mucking around with the chip to unleash that power, manufacturers routinely limit power to first editions so that they can de-chip and sell more powerful variants later on.

Naturally it is fair to say an increase in power output makes everything faster, however, Wheelsandmore has not yet revealed performance figures. Because they probably didn’t do any testing.

Usually, such increases in performance do not yield significant improvements in 0-62mph times, if any at all. At a rough guestimate, you can expect an increase by around a tenth of a second.


Top speed improvement? maybe 2-3mph more, but the standard top speed of 211mph seems more than adequate, no?

The McLaren 720S has already been finely tuned, by McLaren. Simply adding more power could over-exert the engine tolerances defined by McLaren.

But if you want more power so that you can tell your mates down the pub/bar over a pint, well… then why the hell not.

As the company’s name suggests, Wheelsandmore also sells lowering springs, exhaust systems and of course bespoke aftermarket wheels… and… more.

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