Best Pickup Truck tires for the Toyota Tundra
The Best Tires You Should Be Using For Your Pickup Truck

How much time do you spend thinking about your Pickup truck’s tires? Do you spend endless hours researching and cataloging the best tires for your Pickup truck, or do you just head to the tire shop and take their recommendations? For most of us, the latter is usually the case, and while the tire shop technicians are generally pretty knowledgeable, they don’t always know what’s best for your Pickup truck or the way you drive. So how can you pick the best tires for your truck?

Factors to Consider What sort of information do you need to consider before you purchase new tires for your Pickup truck? Start by thinking about the following:
  • Location: Where do you live? Areas that frequently get snow or ice on the roads will need different tires than regions where the temperature rarely drops low enough even to merit a light sweater.
  • Driving type: Are you using your truck only to commute back and forth to work, towing heavy loads with it or taking it off-road? Every kind of driving will require different tires.
  • Budget: Tires aren’t all made alike, and some will end up being more expensive than others. Keep your budget in mind when you’re choosing tires — the most expensive isn’t always the best.
Best Off-Road Tires Best Pickup Truck tires Ford F150 Raptor If you take your truck off-road, all-terrain tires are probably your best bet. Not only are they designed to work both on and off the road, but they can also take nearly anything you can throw at them. Plenty of options are on the market, but some of the best all-terrain tires are the Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tires. The treads are designed for the best wet traction possible and have better rolling resistance both on and off the road. These tires can even help keep your insurance lower in a roundabout way — good quality tires increase your handling and lower your chances of getting into an accident, which helps to keep your rate down. Best Towing Tires Best Pickup Truck tires for the Dodge Ram 1500 If you’re towing with your truck, you need to keep that in mind when you choose your tires — the kind of towing will also affect the tires you buy. Those same all-terrain tires that we just mentioned are great for construction work and wet towing — if you’re going to be on and off boat launches frequently, they’re the right choice. For highway towing, a high mileage highway tread tire is ideal, especially on the rear of your truck because the extra weight will cause additional wear on the tires. Best Highway Tires Best Pickup Truck tires for GMC Sierra All-season truck tires are ideal for commuting back and forth to work, driving to the grocery store and even for some casual hauling. If you’ve got a truck just because you love your truck, you probably already have your favorite tires picked out. If you’re still trying to decide, it never hurts to go with the classics — Michelin tires are some of the best all-season options for trucks, and they also come with one of the best treadwear warranties in the industry. Picking tires for your truck is just as important as picking paint colors or oil for your next oil change. Take care of your truck, and it will most definitely take care of you.  Best Pickup Truck tires for the Toyota Tundra
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