Shmee150 collects a free BMW M5
So, BMW Just Gave Shmee150 A Brand New M5 For Free!

So how do you get a free BMW M5? When you have nailed YouTube with proven audience stats that’s how. BMW really likes stats and they really like YouTube channel Shmee150 so much that they decided to give him a surprise. OK so they loaned him the supercar saloon for a couple of months but think about the depreciation savings Shmee150 has made had he actually bought one outright.

The standard M5 is powered by a 4.4-litre twinturbo, 591bhp, 750Nm V8, and costs £89k new. The M5 Competiton Package adds 26bhp more, is slightly faster and even more expensive.

Shmee150 collects his M5 long-termer from BMW HQ. but think about it for a minute, how much will BMW lose in depreciation during the course of Shmee150’s loan?

They may as well just pay him to make “BMW is nice videos”. Which is essentially what he is doing.

 Shmee150 collects a free BMW M5
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