Lord Aleem drives a C63 around Silverstone, dailycarblog.com
So What Is Supercar King Lord Aleem Doing These Days?

Lord Aleem, Vlogger, and supercar entrepreneur recently had his driver’s license handed back after being banned for 12-months for speeding in one of his many supercars. Lord Aleem, helps his father run the family business, Platinum Executive Travel, where he poaches an expensive supercar to use for his YouTube channel.

It is rumored that Lord Aleem will become the new host of Top Gear, but this is a nonsense rumor because people who watch terrestrial TV will never watch an ethnic minority hosting a flagship motoring show.

And we think the Top Gear rumors, which have been instigated by The Scum have been created for click-bait purposes.

As long as sub-conscious and in-your-face racism is alive Aleem will be based on YouTube for the foreseeable future.

YouTube is a safer sanctuary than TV land and it’s earning him a good second income on top of the income he draws from helping run his fathers business.

So Lord Aleem is currently doing what he has always done, make=ing and uploading YouTube videos of himself driving a supercar and getting paid to do it.

 Lord Aleem drives a C63 around Silverstone, dailycarblog.com
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