Audi R8 Performance Parts Edition, 2018,
Audi R8 Performance Parts Edition Will Roar Like A Lion As Production Draws To A Close
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We had to do a double take on the name here but this special edition Audi R8 really is called the Audi Sport Performance Parts R8 Edition, a literal and rather unimaginative name for what will be one last of the superhot R8’s. Audi is moving to close down R8 production due to slowing sales, rather ironic given how fast the R8 is. This R8 Edition, with its long-winded name, is a distillation of Audi’s motor racing experience that allows customers to pick&mix from Audi’s sportscar components parts bin.

If, unlike us, you did not know the Audi R8 is now offered with a series performance parts upgrades covering the suspension, exhausts system, exterior, and interior now you do. It’s part of Audi’s attempt to capture the personal automotive optimisation market. Audi R8 Performance Parts Edition, rear view, 2018, The Audi Sport Performance Parts R8 Edition features a larger fixed-rear wing, three-way adjustable coilover suspension and aerodynamic upgrades generates 250kg of downforce, 100kg more than the standard Audi R8. Vehicle weight is reduced through the use of carbon-ceramic brakes for the front and rear which is enhanced by the use of a titanium backing plate to offer superpower levels of stopping performance with less fade. Grip is provided by 20-inch alloy wheels that save 8kg of weight and these are covered in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres with a 245/30 profile upfront and 305/30 profile at the rear. Audi R8 Performance Parts Edition, Wowdi, 2018, The interior is trimmed in Alcantara and a whole host of optional extras from driver comfort & safety to latest in digital tech is available. The soundtrack is provided by a naturally aspirated 605bhp, 560Nm torque V10, sounds great on a standard R8 but if you want to roar like a lion then you can upgrade to the R8 sports exhaust. Only 44 Audi Audi Performance Parts R8 Editions will be made, each finished in Misano Red with just 5 allocated to the UK market. And they won’t be cheap either if you want one then expect to pay £176k. If you can’t afford one then it’s back to public transport for you.  Audi R8 Performance Parts Edition, 2018,
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