Mo Vlogs visits London on a supercar weekend binge
Mo Vlogs, Chilling & Relaxing In London During Supercar Getaway

Popular motoring Vlogger, Mo Vlogs, heads on over to London, Englandshire on a supercar weekend binge, or as Mo refers to it “visiting my friends”. It’s the usual fanfare of LamBROghini’s and supercar muscle heads.

Regents Street, New Bond Street, Kensington are just a few of the locations Mo Vlogs visits during his short stay in the capital. But its the hotel Mo is staying in that is of more interest, he doesn’t just book a £80 per night B&B, he stays at the Four Seasons London, a luxury hotel where a standard room costs £980… per night! We reckon the cost of Mo Volgs’ room is around £1500 per night, easily affordable for a rich kid from Dubai who owns a LamBROghini back in his hometown. Most probably Mo Vlogs was maybe, probably sponsored by the 4 Seasons.  Mo Vlogs visits London on a supercar weekend binge
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