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4 Awesome & Affordable Ways to Personalise Your Ride

Just because you’re living on a budget doesn’t mean your car has to look like it does too. Skip the custom airbrushing and specialty parts and try some of these upgrades you can do with car stickers that won’t break the bank!

1. Bumper Sticker
This may seem obvious, but there’s a reason bumper stickers have been a staple on cars since cars were invented: they’re cheap and add instant personality to your ride.  We don’t mean those tacky stick figure families’ or peeing cartoon characters either. Bumper stickers nowadays can be totally created and customized online, and at a low cost too!  Try creating stickers for your bumper out of nature photography or cool graffiti art.  High quality vinyl stickers will be easy to remove too, so you never have to worry about the resale value of your buggy.

2. Racing Stripes and Interior Adhesives
Even if you aren’t tearing up a NASCAR track or revving up the Indy 500, a sleek racing stripe can still add tons of personality to your ride.  Thicker stripes for the side or slimmer stripes for the hood and rear in complementary colours are a classic touch for any vehicle.  You can also save money by applying your custom adhesives yourself with a squeegee.  Furthermore, you can deck out your dashboard and interface with vinyl adhesive as well.  Vinyl adhesives with animal prints or modern patterns can be customized online and immediately make your ride feel a little more like yours.

3. Films for Headlights
Headlight film is super inexpensive, super easy to apply, and can make for a super impact.  For a super budget and time sensitive upgrade, pick up a roll to easily customize your tail, head, fog, and even interior lights in any hue or colour. Headlight film is available in high quality tints that bring your ride into this century, or with holographic shapes and designs to cruise into the next century.

4. Cover Your Tire Cover
Tire covers often get overlooked when upping the style of your ride because they’re a little clunky and after a while you kind of forget that you even have one hanging out in the back of your vehicle.  Tire covers don’t have to be boring though!  Try a circular decal of a superhero’s famous shield, an awesome family crest or monogram, or the logo of your home team to root all year round!

Adding personality to your whip doesn’t have to require an expensive trip to the body shop.  Skip the consultation and check out websites like StickerYou and get one step closer to making your current ride your custom dream ride!

Affordable customisation, car stickers,
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