Bureko Silverado 6WD modofied Chevy Pickup Truck, dailycarblog.com
When A Standard Chevy Silverado Isn’t Quite Enough, Consider This Brutal Upgrade
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So you’re living the American Dream, you have a decent wage, own your own sub-primed mortgaged house, eat Apple Pie and damn it, you have earned the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So you are driving down your local, probably gated community, in your 2016 spec Silverado but something is wrong. Suddenly you have the urge to modify. So you fly out to the Czech Republic and take your Silverado to specialist 4×4, Pickup modifiers Bureko. You can still live the American Dream because the Bureko modified Chevrolet Silverado comes with all the modern comforts expected of a modern day car. Leather interior, heated and ventilated power seats, climate control, rearview camera, Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity, internet and even a Bose audio system. And much more besides. Bureko Silverado modofied Chevy Pickup Truck, dailycarblog.com The Bureko Silverado is a six-wheel pickup truck that comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission. While the standard Silverado 6.2-litre, 420bhp V8 is powerful enough Bureko claim they can upgrade to either 600bhp or 1,200bhp derivates. The 35-inch off-road tyres make the 20-inch alloy wheels look small, but the Bureko Silverado is built to go off-road. Auto locking hubs, and electronic transfer case is mated to 6WD system that can be switched into full or part-time modes. Most Pick-ups will use conventional leave spring at the rear axle, however, the Bureko Silverado uses air suspension. We don’t know how much all of this costs but were quite sure it’s rather expensive. We’re not even sure what motivates people to go to these extremes. But if you are a survivalist, living in an underground bunker, stockpiling food and medicine and living in constant fear of Mexicans taking over America then perhaps the Bureko Silverado was made for you.  Bureko Silverado 6WD modofied Chevy Pickup Truck, dailycarblog.com
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