Concept art by Khyzyl Saleem, modified BMW E92,
Concept Art, Virtual Modifying A BMW E92 By Khyzyl Saleem

OK, so we will suspend our Alex Jones style conspiracy theory/tirade that all BMWs are premium luxury rubbish. Despite the overwhelming evidence to support such a theory. Today we’re focusing Khyzyl Saleem, a concept art creator from Surrey, England who works for EA Games.

Khyzyl’s flair for concept art is fast becoming legendary. We first featured him a while back and his talents continue to grow and consistently never fail to amaze. But how does Khyzyzl go about creating such concept art / digital masterpieces? Photoshop is his tool of choice and also a great deal of imagination and time. And it does take time so much so that Khyzyl posted this time-lapse, step-by-step video of a BMW E92 concept. Seems Khyzyl has gone for the Mad Max look for this concept.  Concept art by Khyzyl Saleem, modified BMW E92,
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