Rich Rebuilds YouTube Man, Tesla rebuld, Model S
Tesla Vigilante, Rich Rebuilds YouTube Man, On his $6500 Model S

Rich Rebuilds Youtube man gives an update on his $6500 Tesla Model S. Rich, or car guru, as he is sometimes referred to, purchased two written off Teslas. The mission was to rebuild one using parts from the other. He also scours the US for any Tesla parts he can find.

Since we first featured Rich Rebuilds YouTube man on this site interest in his channel has grown. While interest in us has further declined. Nevertheless, it’s all due to our influence… AHEM! Anyway Rich Rebuilds has halted the rebuild of his Tesla. Why? because of our growing influence… AHEM!… Rich Rebuilds YouTube man has been inundated with pleas for help. So he has decided to stop his own Model S rebuild to help fellow Tesla owners going through the same process. And he can also sell them parts.  Rich Rebuilds YouTube Man, Tesla rebuld, Model S
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