Martine Varrall, speak truth to power,
The People vs Land Rover, What Real Buyers Actually Think, Part 2
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We would like to issue an apology. We referred to Martine Varrall as the Press Fleet Manager of Mazda UK PR. She is indeed the Press Fleet Administrator for Mazda UK PR. When our colleague, made a mundane media inquiry many, many months ago, Martine got straight to the point. She said something along the lines that she would mention us to other press departments, we assume in a ridiculing manner. We’ll never know what was said behind closed doors, but we do know what is being said now. To be so upfront and to show unfathomable disdain for reasons unknown is an act of professional harakiri. To what end? At the end of the day, we’re just a crappy little blog.

But you know what? We’re ok with that freedom of speech thing. We don’t mind reputational damage… because we don’t have a reputation… to damage.

We also like using freedom of speech.

Martine Varrall and her she-doesn’t-know-how-crazy-she-sounds behavior are indicative of an individual too drunk on personal (we assume) power to know any better.

Varrall’s behavior goes against the very principles and core values of any Japanese company… Humility.

But what has this got to do with Land Rover? We actually like the way how Martine Varrall is upfront about her views.

She will, so I am told, scorn you with a smile if she believes you are lower than a bucket of spit.

So, this article is about people being upfront about their views. And that’s what social media allows people to do. To take on large corporations with nothing more than a Tweet.

Land Rover is in the shit at the moment. Suspended production, overcapacity, not many buyers, slowing sales, rotten reliability, and questionable build quality. Brexit.

All of the latter has hit Land Rover like a shit-storm. But why? there has got to be an underlying problem. Poor reliability, and rotten build quality?

Below is a selection of Tweets outlining why Land Rover is in the shit. It’s unscientific, edited, a collection of highly selected Tweets from Land Rover owners:

Oct 22

2019 RR Sport in shop or out of service for 15 business days. 12 days to repair a rear suspension issue that started 3 days after delivery, one day in service (and three waiting on service) to repair LCD screen, and now that screen is again not working.

We understand how this is frustrating, Chris. We see that you have been in contact with your representative as well as the retailer and that your concern is being corrected. We ask that you continue to work with Annieca for the quickest resolution.

Sep 9

Aug 31

Unreliable Shit

I just wish the local RR dealer in charlotte could figure out how to repair a brand new RR Sport without having to call the engineers back in England, or wherever.

Replying to

nice photo


Aug 29

Please help with my Evoque. Please take it back

Aug 29
Sep 8

Sep 7

Over hyped and overpriced?

Oct 2

Make sure it fits on an AA truck like the rest of the unreliable rubbish you palm of as Prestige cars

Aug 21
Aug 21
Aug 21
Aug 22
Aug 23
Aug 23
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Let’s hope yours doesn’t have squeaky brakes! My BRAND NEW Evoque has only had it for nearly 2 years and Land Rover couldn’t give a toss!

Aug 8

It really bloody isn’t… have you seen the comments about the DPF? Will you be the 17 plate so that it’s fit for purpose as a simple motor car, let alone an urban jungle?

Replying to

Conquerer of the urban jungle- where you can’t drive at over 40 mph so a 5 week old DPF filter will develop faults and you’re be screwed to the region of £1500. Avoid this car!

Aug 21

I’m still waiting to hear what urban jungle this car has conquered at over 40 mph for over 20 minutes. advertising

Martine Varrall, speak truth to power,
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