Mercedes AMG GLE63 is destroyed by Doug De Muro
Doug De Muro Explains Why Everyone Hates The Mercedes AMG GLE63
  Doug DeMuro really hates the Mercedes AMG GLE63. or so we like to think. but how can you hate a car loaded with V8 Bi-Turbo, 586bhp performance coupe SUV. Therein lies the problem. The AMG GLE63 is a coupe with an SUV determination. And that is what is wrong with this particular Mercedes. It try’s to be too many things in one. A coupe. An SUV. A performance SUV. The Mercedes AMG GLE63 has a mixed identity with little practicality afforded to most SUV’s. And the name alone is just too long-winded. But Doug doesn’t go for the name, he uses his usual surgical analysis to operate a precision dissection of the AMG GLE63.  
 Mercedes AMG GLE63 is destroyed by Doug De Muro
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