MoVlogs, Lamborghini Urus review,
MoVlogs Reviews The Amazingly Wow LamBROghini Urus

Armed with nothing more than a handheld selfie camera and his personality MoVlogs has raced to over 6m YouTube subs. To one generation that doesn’t make any sense. To another generation, YouTube personalities are like movie stars.

MoVlogs tests out non-other than the LamBROghini Urus SUV. Mo isn’t the most in-depth reviewer and that’s fine by us. But he still knows his stuff. MoVlogs is part lifestyle, part reality-style show. The Urus is a twin-turbo V8 powered 650bhp super SUV. The cost in Dubai is around $250,000.  
 MoVlogs, Lamborghini Urus review,
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