Car Mechanic Simulator, 2018,
Restoring A Nissan GT-R Using The Insanely Detailed Car Mechanic Simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator is a PC and android sim that aims to depict the work of an auto mechanic. It sounds insane and no big corporate games company would ever consider making such a sim. So it took a small Polish-based game developer to put on the insanity cap.

We’re not sure if Red Dot Games is still in existence but the sim is still available for download via Steam. You would think that a simulator recreating the day to day job of a car mechanic could be as interesting as watching paint dry. Actually, it’s very interesting because the level of detail Car Mechanic Simulator goes into is… insane. If you are interested in how a car works then Car Mechanic Simulator is better than going to University. Indeed it’s also a whole lot cheaper. The critics were not as enthusiastic, but don’t listen to professional critics, Red Dot Games probably didn’t have a budget to buy positive opinions. This is a great simulator if you want to learn about the mechanics of a car. As such we reckon Car Mechanic Simulator is under-rated.  
 Car Mechanic Simulator, 2018,
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