Land Rover vs the people, what the people really think,
The People vs Land Rover, What Real Buyers Actually Think…
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Do you think we are going to waste our time applying the highest standards of journalism to every article we write? Not even best journalists entertain such a thought. There is no more debating to be had these days. It’s drive, write, review, it’s surprisingly good. “Surprisingly good” is an over-used term adopted by every motoring journalist the world over. We have been guilty of saying the same. It’s meant to be an inoffensive, neutral statement often used because there is nothing better to say. 

So are car reviews relaying the true end to end consumer experience? As Martine Varrall, Press Fleet Manager for Mazda UK once told us, “what’s the value of being on your site”? And you know what? in her own she-doesn’t-realise-she-is-insane insane manner she probably has a point. What is the value of a car review? So that got us thinking, how can we conduct true heroic consumer journalism without breaking into a sweat. The answer is we can’t. Then we had a genius lightbulb moment. Twitter… Twitter is the answer. The best consumer journalism can be found on Twitter. The consumers are the unwitting journalists. And that got us thinking again. (Which is difficult for us to sustain for we have fragile minds here at DCB) What do people/owners think about Land Rover? Because if you live in the UK, it’s highly likely that you are reading sugar-coated Land Rover reviews. One of our colleagues owns a Range Sport HSE, 2006. He loves it. It’s unreliable as hell. But he still loves it. The front wheel bearings are failing and the bonnet sensor always reads “open” even when it is closed. The driver’s side heated seats don’t work, the wing mirrors have no electric power. But he still loves it. He loves it so much he wants to sell it as quick as possible… And buy a newer model despite knowing it will be a complete pain in the arse to own and maintain. So that got us thinking yet again, are people as stupid as our colleague when buying a Land Rover, knowing they have rotten reliability? No… people are not stupid. So we used Twitter to find out what the people (Land Rover owners) really think about owning a Land Rover. It’s hilariously grim reading. Not for us. But for Land Rover. It’s an unscientific measurement, lazy journalism for sure… but… we don’t give a fuck. The Twitter response to the above Tweet.
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Land Rover vs the people, what the people really think,
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