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2019 Audi A8 Breaking all Stereotypes about Luxury Cars

Audi has popped the bubble of glamour by proving that it isn’t the buying and selling factor of cars anymore. It has changed drastically. So, what is it that people look for in a car? They look for the convenience and relaxed driving, which is what the new A8 focuses on.

The promising outline of the 2019 Audi A8 knows what their customers as for. Executing the comfort of their passengers providing them with an enhanced experience. A8 has a level three autonomous driving capability, although the approval is still pending, it will reduce all the tension and frustration that comes with driving in heavy traffic hours. Moreover, the predictive suspension smooths out the sturdiest roads. Other than that, the haptic feedback infotainment screens comparatively reduce the distraction of the drivers. Despite being the least of requirements for people according to the definitions, medium sized luxury sedans are now larger than the usual. The A8 has more space compared to the A6 and BMW 5 series, which makes it impossible to not prefer the base-model flagship car. Hence, it is a better and wiser choice to invest in the A8 and obviously because its newer and better. Surely what you want as well. Being a symbol of status, signifying that you’ve achieved your luxury goals. It is “THE CAR”, making every car lover want it.

Exterior Design

Audi A8L, Luxury, rear, Judging the car on the basis of its exterior design, it performs every time it is unlocked. However, the car is not very overstated, it looks very plain. It doesn’t have a four-door prologue concept, but once again, if you consider the high-end luxurious cars, they are not really famous for their striking tools. They mostly revolve around the cutting-edge technology, the luxurious cabins, imposing length and much more. Although the style is not that tempting and very ecstatic when it comes to the A8, it doesn’t take more than a look for anyone to recognise the large size of the car. If you compare the car to the previously launched A6, it has an extra wheelbase, which is eight inches more.

Acceleration, Steering and Breaks

Considering the steering, acceleration, and breaks, they all have the smoothness, which is way more than what would be seen in your personal human chauffeur. Be it steering or touching the pedals, the control is all in your hands instantly. To notify you of that, the screen message reverts for green to white lighting around the cluster. In case you are close to a horrendous traffic jam, the system notifies you and gives the control back to you. The reason behind that is, it isn’t performed to change lanes. Moreover, you will get this signal even when the traffic speed exceeds 37 miles per hour. Especially with the degrading visibility or when the limited access of the road is ending.

Interior Design

Audi A8L, Luxury, interior Audi never fails to impress when it comes to the interior design. It has been setting the benchmark of design and functionality for over a decade.  
 Audi A8L, luxury,
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