Rolls Royce Phantom, Hoovies Garage,
Hoovies Garage Asks, Was A Busted Up $80k Rolls Royce Phantom Worth It?
YouTube man Hoovies Garage bought a used Rolls Royce Phantom for $80k. It was busted up, not externally but the mechanicals. Most of the issues are small, but numerous. And even though the Rolls Royce Phantom is a glorified BMW getting parts is still more expensive. The most expensive fix was to replace the tires… cost $5500. The next expensive repair on the list was the window regulators… cost, $1360. And remember. This is a used Phantom so the depreciation will continue. As will the repair bill. Was it all worth it? Watch the video to find out.  
 Rolls Royce Phantom, Hoovies Garage,
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