The Young Turks, GM is dying,
Is General Motors Dying? The Young Turks Asks Whether Corporate Greed Is To Blame

General Motors recently announced the loss of 15k jobs. The Young Turks, hosted by Jimmy Dore analyze why this happened despite assurances that a recent trillion dollar corporate tax cut would lead to trickle down economics.

The trickle-down economics theory didn’t happen, General Motors simply took the tax income and paid their management and shareholders £100m in bonuses. The Young Turks also points out that General Motors has received $50bn from the taxpayer over the last 10 years. The Republican Party justified the corporate tax cut by insisting it would benefit workers in the form of wage increases and bonuses. That never happened. Instead, as the young Turks point out, the corporate tax cut went straight to the corporations who used the money to buy back their own shares. Thus artificially inflating the value of their companies. General Motors isn’t alone in benefiting from the 2017 corporate tax cut. The US taxpayer has effectively become the welfare provider for big business. When they didn’t ask for it. The Young Turks is a progressive American news and commentary program on YouTube. It is the most popular news program on the internet watched by the left and right in equal measure.  
 The Young Turks, GM is dying,
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