Archie Hamilton delivers devastating pause-eerrm-pause verdict on the Hyundai i30N
Archie Hamilton Struggles To Find Positives About The Hyundai i30N
OK so the headlines are misleading, this is a fake news article (top quality journalism from the Daily Car Blog). So, TGE TV YouTube man and Archie Hamilton YouTube man are automotive bloggers. You may know about them you may not. Much of the content is based on a bunch of well paid white guys living it large with a never-ending supply of supercars. Well, it’s better than being a poorly paid white guy writing a load of old tosh about a bunch of well paid white guys living it large. Who says “tosh” these days?.. Etonians. Anyway, the duo participated in the 2018 Cannonball Run in Ireland. Hyundai UK decided to loan the pair a Hyundai i30N for the weekend jaunt. Well, it’s more like a commercial partnership. But watching the video most people will think its a bunch of white guys living it largely for the purposes of having fun. At one point in the video, TGE TV YouTubeman asks Archie Hamilton Youtube man what he thinks of the Hyundai i30N. Archie Hamilton responds first with a pause… then with a long “errrmmm” rounded off by a solid pause. Inadvertently Archie Hamilton delivered his true verdict without even saying it. Pause-errmmm-pause is the real verdict given to the Hyundai i30N. The rest is merely well-meaning platitudes. They don’t want to upset Hyundai. We can totally understand the don’t-bite-the-hand that feeds you mentality. Archie Hamilton and TGE TV man drive supercars, Hamilton is a racer. And having driven many supercars I can tell you that driving a sports car like a Hyundai i30N is a huge step back backward. If that’s what I feel then I am sure Hamilton and his side-kick feel the same. Hence pause-errrmmm-pause. Understandably they are too clever to say as much. We here at the Daily Car Blog are not. We are dumb asses. In addition to the loan, we hope Hyundai paid these two a good amount of money. And we hope Archie and co laughed all the way to the bank. The i30N may be a competent car to motoring journalists willing to be servile to the whims of Hyundai PR. But compared to a Supercar, the Hyundai i30N will always be a pause-errrmmm-pause.  
 Archie Hamilton delivers devastating pause-eerrm-pause verdict on the Hyundai i30N
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