diesel cars death continues as car buyer switch to petrol, dailycarblog.com
Is The Diesel Car As Dead As The Dodo?
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If Volkswagen had followed emissions rules and regulations the sudden decline of new diesel car sales is an event that would not have occurred. In a bid to convince motorists that diesel cars were clean and environmentally friendly VW broke the law. It appears it was the only way. Four years have elapsed since the VW emissions scandal. Last year saw a 32 percent decline in diesel new car sales across Europe.

At the same time, the price of petrol (gasoline) has decreased to it’s lowest point since 2008. As the demand for petrol cars has increased prices at the fuel pumps has decreased.

There are a number of factors involved. Major oil producers are scaling back on the heavier diesel yields. Either voluntary or involuntary.

Yet consumers across Europe appear to be turning away from buying new diesel cars.

Spain has seen a 30 percenrt decline in the purchase of new diesel cars. Germany has seen the lowest demand since 2009.

And in the UK thrifty buyers have shunned investing in a new diesel car to the point where sales have slumped dramatically.

UK consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of owning a diesel vehicle, rising taxes and rising fuel costs.

Are the days of the diesel dead? Not yet.

Even when the sale of new diesel and petrol cars ban is enforced in 2040 millions of fossil fuel powered cars will remain.

Used fossil fuel powered cars will be around for a further 20 years after the 2040 extinction event.

But will there be a technological breakthrough that makes diesel green again? That is the unanswered question.

A diesel technological breakthrough could cost billions to invest and develop. It may well be prohibatively costly consideration.

But for now the consumer is speaking. And auto companies are sure to heed the latest buying trends. If not they will lose billions.


diesel cars death continues as car buyer switch to petrol, dailycarblog.com
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