Lotus / Geely plans China production facility, dailycarblog.com
Lotus Plan To Build Cars In China Under New Ownership
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The new owners of Lotus are planning to build a new production facility in China. Geely Holding Group has ambitions of increasing Lotus production volume. Therefore by proxy, Geely intends to introduce new Lotus models. The new models will almost certainly be SUVs and electric cars. The Lotus China production facility could essentially compliment Lotus’ current facility (it’s ancestral home) in Norfolk. Lotus, Norfolk will continue to produce the lightweight sportscars it is known for. Geely has already been granted planning permission to build a 150,000 production facility in the Province of Hubei. Though not intended for future Lotus production, Geely is keen to allocate a portion of the  Hubei facility to manufacturing Lotus cars. Plans submitted to local planning authorities reveal the production base has been granted approval. The plant will build electric car batteries, hybrids and combustion engines. Geely’s intention is to take on the popular SUV clans from Porsche, VW, and Mercedes. However, Lotus only sold 1,630 cars during 2018. They first need to concentrate on updating the aging Lotus facility in Norfolk. Is this an exciting new development for Lotus? Or a step to far for a valued British sportscar maker with a legendary motoring pedigree? Well, it’s probably better than going bankrupt. And there is still a mystique about Lotus that never dies. The company outsources its engineering expertise which is renowned within the automotive industry. It’s all change for Lotus right now. Under new direction, and funds, Lotus is currently working on a new electric hypercar.  
 Lotus / Geely plans China production facility, dailycarblog.com
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