Amazing renders
Amazing 3D Renders That Look Like They Were Painted By Hand

This amazing artwork is in fact a 3D render. Meaning the image was entirely generated by a computer. The rendering entitled “The Ultimate Ride” by Cyprian Chojnacki won second place in the annual 2018 Car Render Challenge.

The 3d work was initiated using 3ds max, an industry standard 3d render software tool. Various other software tools were used to complete the finished render, notably Vray and Photoshop.

Cyprian is an architect by profession who decided to turn his attention to becoming 3d artist. He works in Paris primarily for several architecture firms modelling 3d architectural environments.

Using his spare time, The Ultimate Ride render took Cyprian 1 month to complete.

You can check out the complete winner’s list by clicking on the following link.


Amazing renders
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