Yoda of Science, Michio Kaku, on Primitive Battery Technology
Yoda, his name is not Yoda. He is Michio Kaku. Michio Kaku is an American theoretical physicist and so-called populariser of science. One can say he is the closest America has to the late Stephen Hawkings. As a kid, he once built a mini power station in his back garden. This got him noticed by the scientific community. Yoda AKA Michio went on to attain a science degree from Harvard University. So, obviously, this guy is highly intelligent. In this video, Michio talks about the future of battery technology. Car companies are using battery technologies to power the latest generation of Electric Vehicles. Speaking to the Big Think Project Michio discusses why today’s modern battery technology is still too inefficient compared to foosil fuels. ____________________________________________________________________________Yoda
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