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Merciless Chris Harris Delivers No Nonsense Car Buying Advice

Chris Harris car buying advice is a kind of no-nonsense car buying benediction cum condemnation. Now if we delivered honest opinions like Chris Harris does in this video we would almost certainly be banned by automotive press departments. And we have been banned… by a number of press departments.

Wearing it like a badge of honor.

We have found the bigger you are the less likely it is you will see the bottom of the ocean wrapped in a blanket of quick-drying cement.

When we reviewed the VW Golf E we referred to it as akin to driving a corpse. Unsurprisingly we didn’t get any invites from there on in.

But Harris is in deadly form in this video and delivers a cavalcade of rebukes, and minor praise, about cars that would make a billy goat puke.


Chris Harris loves
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