Ammo NYC Porsche 964 re-spray
This Detailed Restoration of A Porsche 964 Will Have You Banging Your Head With Joy

The Porsche 964 in question belongs to Ammo NYC, a professional car detailer, or as it is often known, a car cleaner. The Porsche 964 was made between 1989 and 1993, at the time it was beloved by the London stockbroker belt.

Today the Porsche 964 is a classic and is equally as beloved by Ammo NYC. The YouTuber ditched a high-paying life in finance to become a professional car cleaner/detailer.

Anyway, the popular YouTuber uses his 964 as a daily driver and takes it to a track to actually drive the thing. But the usage has taken a toll on the car and Ammo NYC decided to go for a full restoration.

The body receives the mother of all detailed re-sprays the likes of which you have never seen.

We’re talking about a properly detailed re-spray here, better than factory spec. Indeed the company who re-sprayed the 964 did a better job than Porsche. And the end result? it looks better than ever.


Ammo NYC Porsche 964 re-spray
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