Lamborghini Pickup Truck
Is Lamborghini Developing A Pickup Truck?
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No, Lamborghini is categorically not developing a pickup truck. But someone thought it would be a good idea and so decided to spend many hours on Photoshop to convince the world that a Lamborghini Pickup truck is a waste of time.

Automotive digital artist, Rain Prisk, made the headlines with his rendering of a Lamborghini Pickup truck.

Using the Urus SUV as a base Prisk mocks up a typically convincing image.

But he’ll need to get on his knees and pray to the Lamborghini executives to convince them the produce a Pickup truck.

As an example, SUVs, Pickups and crossovers make up to 80 percent of General Motors current sales.

So maybe, just maybe Lamborghini may be persuaded by the basic business case for making and selling a super pickup truck.

Pickup trucks are popular in America as much as they are with terrorists. In both cases, pickup trucks are used as a kind of status symbol. And to uproot stubborn tree stumps.

Now, we’re really running out of things to say and I reckon the word count is long enough to end this particular article…

The end.


Lamborghini Pickup Truck
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