you shouldn't buy a tesla
5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Tesla E-lectric Car

Why you shouldn’t buy a Tesla E-lectric car? They are expensive says popular automotive YouTuber Scotty Kilmer. You Shouldn’t buy a Tesla E-lectric car because Tesla has poor quality control, so says Scotty Kilmer. I reckon Scotty sure does scare the bejesus out of his followers. Mustn’t he? 

And this negativity towards Tesla comes suddenly after we converted to being Tesla acolytes, for no apparent reason. Scotty has bought the reality of electric car ownership crashing back down to earth. Now we are unsure about E-lectric cars.

They are going to be expensive to repair is another insightful observation. indeed Scotty reckons you shouldn’t buy anything at all. HE IS A COMMUNIST! RED SCARE! RED SCARE!

But Kilmer did make one interesting point about why you should avoid buying a Tesla E-lectric car. The batteries are prone to losing power in cold weather. Damn it, Scotty, you god-dun dunn-it again.

you shouldn't buy a tesla
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