Lewis Hamilton Argues Silverstone Cannot Be Axed From The F1 Calendar
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Lewis Hamilton Has come to the defense of Silverstone in a bid to appeal to Formula One management not to end the historic race he has won five times. The 2019 British Grand Prix is expected to be the last Formula One event to staged at Silverstone. But Hamilton’s defense and hopes of saving his home race may fall on deaf ears. The owners of Silverstone exercised a break clause last year just as new owners Liberty Media took over from Bernie Ecclestone.

In a recent interview about the future of the British Grand Prix Hamilton said:

“I truly believe Liberty have got to keep Formula One in the UK and particularly Silverstone.

“It is an awesome track, an awesome place, with one of the biggest attendances of the season. You can’t turn your back on that.

“There are some really awesome circuits and Silverstone is one of those. The UK is the foundation of what this sport is.

“If you take away the legendary races and you are left with only new ones, you lose all of the history and culture of what makes Formula One what it is.”

Silverstone’s management believes the fees they pay to host the race every year has become too high. By opting to use the break clause Silverstone management hoped to put pressure on Liberty Media to re-negotiate the current deal. It’s a clumsy move because both parties already signed the agreement in full knowledge of the fees.

Understandably Liberty Media were not too impressed with the move. Silverstone is owned by the BRDC and it is the BRDC that is making these clumsy decisions. The BRDC (British Racing Drivers Club) has always thought of its own survival ahead of Silverstone.

When the BRDC needed to improve track facilities many years ago they built a shiny and expensive new club building overlooking Woodcote. Meanwhile, the circuit looked like a shanty town. Upon Bernie Ecclestone’s insistence, Silvertone built the new wing complex but did so reluctantly.

The road network into Silverstone is also markedly improved. And the new Silverstone Wing is a fantastic facility. However, the BRDC has neglected the stands. So you have this futuristic complex overlooking shanty-town style stands.

The fans don’t mind because they love Formula One too much to notice. If only the BRDC could love Silverstone as much as it loves itself. Silverstone should be state-of-the-art, but money and the BRDC has always been an issue.

The BRDC’s survivalist instinct is always thinking of itself and looking down on the true fans. No wonder Silverstone’s owners drove Bernie Ecclestone round the bend. Silverstone needs to become a separate corporate entity.

And the BRDC? It’s a club with a club mentality, traditions, and afternoon tea. If Lewis Hamilton wants to keep the British Grand Prix at Silverstone he should point the finger at the BRDC.

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