Regular Vehicle Checkups
Why Regular Vehicle Checkups Are Vital

Regular Vehicle Checkups. Does anyone actually take much notice of those little stickers on the inside of your windshield reminding you that your car was due for a service two months or 6000kms ago? Mechanics seem to be the only ones to take much note of them. Ignored as they may be, they serve an important reminder that you’re far better off getting regular vehicle check-ups then putting things off and doing real damage to your car. The cost of a service might put you out momentarily, but it is far better than the possibility of a huge expense down the track because something has worn thin and created a big problem.

Prevention is the Best Cure

We all need our cars. Many of us drive to work each day, and without cars getting to work would be a huge inconvenience amounting in a loss of time and sleep. The last thing you want is for your car to be out of action for an extended period of time because of an issue that could have been easily prevented. The components of a car work together in complicated ways and when one thing gives out, it can set off a series of unfortunate and costly repercussions. There are complex relationships between the parts of your car that mean a little issue with something as small as a spark plug can potentially cause bigger issues with the functioning of your car’s cylinders. Regular vehicle check-ups by a trusted car mechanic will ensure your car operates smoothly, the way that it should be.

Prevent Breakdowns

Booking in for a service at a time and place that is convenient for you is a far better option than breaking down late at night in the middle of nowhere – because, let’s face it, if your car is going to break down you can bet it’s going to be at the worst possible time in the place furthest from your home. You’re far better off getting regular check-ups and staying on top of any potential issues.

Replace Parts Before It’s Too Late

The truth is that there will be parts of your car that will break. Everything will deteriorate, some things faster than others. For example, your car’s air filter, drive belt and timing belt are probably going to need replacing every few years and there’s not much you can do to slow the rate of wear and tear these parts face during day to day driving. Your mechanic will let you know when they are due for replacing and how long it might be before they could potentially start causing issues. What you don’t want to do is ignore these warnings and end up with a far bigger issue that causes a breakdown and an expensive repair bill.


If you plan on selling your car at some point in the future, which most of us end up doing, you’re going to kick yourself if you don’t have a service logbook with regular vehicle checkups and maintenance listed by a reputable mechanic. A strong service log book will add value to your car and allow you to sell it for thousands more than you otherwise might have. And, on the other hand, if you only have a few scraps of receipts showing services every couple of years the buyer will likely want to bring the price down.


There’s no point in ignoring the fact that cars are extremely dangerous. Hundreds of people die every year in car accidents on Australian roads. By just being out on the road you are putting your life at risk and those that are in the car with you. So why increase that risk by allowing your car to fall into disrepair or have brakes that aren’t quite working properly. Drive safe and keep your car safe.

Most of us now understand the need for regular doctor’s visits and dental check-ups, and for your car, the importance of regular servicing is vital to the safety and longevity of your vehicle. So book in and keep your car on the road with regular vehicle checkups!

Regular Vehicle Checkups
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