Buying A Used Van Advice
Thinking of Buying A Used Van? Here’s Four Things Your Should Know

Buying a used van? When considering buying any kind of vehicle there are a few things to consider. When it comes to buying a second-hand vehicle things can get even trickier. After all buying any kind of vehicle can be a daunting process that can leave you feeling more than a little bit confused. We’ve put together a list of tips tricks and useful tidbits to help you when considering buying your first used van.  Whether it’s you’re a new driver and it’s your first time purchasing a van or you’re a business owner looking for a fleet of vans sometimes the process can be so tricky that it seems not to be worth it at all.

But before you shell out hundreds if not thousands of your hard earned cash, we’ve put together some helpful tips whether you’re buying from a big dealership or a classified advert. So take a look at our comprehensive van buying guide. 

Things You Need To Know

When considering buying a used van make sure you are educated about the potential issues you can encounter, so that your purchasing experience doesn’t turn into a horror story! 

Make Sure Your Finances Are In Order 

Being strict about your budget and your finances is the best way to buy a used van. Otherwise you could find yourself signing for a vehicle that you can reasonably afford and find yourself in a financial mess. Take the time to sit down and realistically work out how you are paying for the vehicle. You can reach your financing goals by borrowing from friends and family, applying for a personal loan or saving up and paying in cash. Be honest with how much you can realistically afford. You will need to stump up the cash for a deposit, as well as monthly payments for a good number of years. Don’t forget insurance, road tax and MOT checks too. 

Know Your Market 

Sites such as Manchester Van Sales, specialize in selling used vehicles. Researching the best prices and what can get you the most bang for your buck is the best way to avoid being short-changed. 

Take The Van For a Test Drive 

One of the most import things to do when you’ve found your perfect vehicle is to take it for a test drive. This will allow you to find any issues they may not show up from just viewing the car from the outside. Thoroughly check things like the gearbox, lights and brakes.  

Know Your Stuff 

When purchasing a used van you’re more than likely be given a lot of paperwork. While it may be tempting to ignore it and not pay any attention, the paperwork you are given can contain crucial pieces of information that you may need in the future. Keep the documents safe and in easy reach as you never know when you’ll need them. 

Buying A Used Van Advice
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