Do I need auto insurance
Do I Need Car Insurance? 7 Reasons The Answer Is Always YES!

Auto insurance is a legal requirement in most jurisdictions, just in case you’re wondering “do I need auto insurance?” But beyond the law, here’s why you need it. In 2009, there were about 210 million drivers that were licensed in the United States. That’s a lot of people you could potentially get into an accident with. Thankfully, car insurance may take care of some of the cost if an accident does happen. 

Auto insurance is a legal requirement in most jurisdictions, just in case you’re wondering “do I need car insurance?” Here’s why you need to make sure your car is insured.

Save More Money in the Long Run

When you ask someone, “do I need car insurance,” they will say yes. And one of the reasons you do need it is because, in the long run, you’ll save more money. 

Car accidents happen every single day, and even if you’re the best driver, someone out there could still end up damaging your car. However, if you have car insurance, most of the costs that are associated with the accident will be covered.

Your car cost a lot of money to buy, but it will also cost a lot of money to fix, even buying car protection covers should be calculated into the entire cost. You may have some savings put away, but this is where insurance steps in and covers some or all of the cost. 

The bottom line is that car insurance helps protect your personal property if you get into an accident.

Can Complement Your Health Insurance

In addition to car insurance, you also need health insurance. Some of your auto insurances may actually complement your health insurance.

For example, if you get into a car accident, your health care may not offer coverage for the bills that you’ll end up with. That’s where car insurance steps in and pays for the medical bills or for health supplements that can benefit you or any passengers. Read the Omega XL review, to find which supplement is best for you.

There are some things your health care may not cover like funeral costs, dental care, or even assisted living (if needed). This is why it’s a good idea to have auto insurance in addition to health care. 

Compensated for Different Kinds of Damages

Different insurances have different kinds of coverages. It will be up to you to determine how much coverage you want.

While most coverages don’t offer coverage from collisions that involve animals, you may be able to find some insurances that will pay for some of the repairs and damages.

If you live in an area where deers or livestock frequently run into cars, you may want to consider getting that type of insurance.

Aside from accidents, there are other things that could damage your car as well. For example, if you live somewhere that floods a lot, water could end up damaging your vehicle. 

However, if you have insurance, they could cover the cost of the repairs. 

There may even be a tornado or hurricane that blows debris around and ends up ruining your car.  Check your insurance coverage to see if they will help repair this.

Assistance After Accidents

After an accident, especially if you’re injured, it can be difficult to deal with the consequences afterward. Without insurance, you’d owe a lot of money, and you’d still have to find a way to get to and from work.

You could get a cheap, salvaged car (learn more here) in the meantime, but that’s one more hassle that you wouldn’t want to go through.

However, the auto insurance agency will help you navigate through this process. This is why it’s important to choose an insurer that has great customer service. 

The insurance will help you negotiate with the other drivers involved in the accident and help pay for theirs or your damages to the cars. 

The auto insurance can also help with getting someone to tow your vehicle, finding someone to make the repairs, and helping you find a replacement car to drive while yours gets repaired.

Protects You and Your Passenger

We said before that auto insurance can help supplement your health insurance, but it will also help protect your passengers as well.

If you don’t have car insurance and get into an accident with someone else in the car, you could be held liable. Thankfully, car insurance will help protect you from that by covering the costs of injuries to your passengers as well.

Again, make sure you check to see that this is covered under your policy.

It’s Required

As if all these reasons weren’t enough to convince you to get car insurance, it is also legally required. You’ll be in more trouble and end up owing more money if you get caught driving without insurance.

Depending on what state you live in, you may be required to have a certain amount of coverage with your auto insurance. Before you sign up for one, you should check what the requirements in your state are.

Peace of Mind

Possibly the best reason to get car insurance is that you will have peace of mind. 

You won’t have to worry about how you will be able to afford all the costs if you get into an accident. You may still worry about getting into an accident, but you know that the auto insurance will have your back if something goes wrong. 

Nobody is perfect, and even the most skilled drivers can end up getting into an accident. 

No one can control nature, either. Sometimes things will happen to you or your car, but you won’t have the same amount of worry as you would if you didn’t have car insurance. 

Ask “Do I Need Car Insurance?” 

The answer to “do I need car insurance” is yes. Always yes.

These are only a few of the reasons why having car insurance is important while you are driving around. 

Do some more research and read our blogs on how to avoid scams and how to save money!

Do I need auto insurance
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