What is the point of the Nissan Leaf
What Is The Point of The Nissan Leaf If Nissan Doesn’t Give Two Fucks About The Environment?
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Really, what is the point of the Nissan Leaf? Nissan has told the UK’s Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to “fuck off”. They didn’t actually use the term “fuck off” but did so inadvertently through their own ignorance. Or perhaps a combination of wanton ignorance and arrogance. The DVSA recently found that the diesel Qashqai emitted 17 times more nitrogen dioxide than current EU limits allow. Nitrogen dioxide is an irritant gas, which at high concentrations causes inflammation of the airways. Long term exposure can decrease lung function, increase the risk of respiratory conditions and increases the response to allergens.

A global research effort found that NOx pollution caused by diesel cars accounted for 38,000 deaths worldwide. That’s a small football stadium of people dying from NOx pollution every year. Manufacturers such as Volkswagen covered up there emissions data to pass strict European environmental laws.

Nissan has been doing the same for years. The DVSA asked the company to retrofit polluting vehicles to reduce emissions. But Nissan simply told the DSVA to “fuck off”. Nissan simply does not want to spend the money on the retrofit. In other words, it doesn’t care about the environment it claims to care about.

Nissan… they really don’t give two fucks

Other manufacturers have responded to the DSVA directive to retrofit cars where NOx levels had been deliberately understated. Renault, Vauxhall, for example, will be offering retrofit services to old and new cars for free. They should be fined to oblivion.

So what is the point of the Nissan Leaf? On the one hand, Nissan is saying it embraces clean driving technology with its electric car. On the otherhand, it is equally happy to commit fraud and kill people with it’s highly polluting Quashqai diesel.

This is a classic double standard and having your cake and eating it all. Nissan doesn’t give two fucks about the environment. Yet it will continue to promote the Leaf. For Nissan, the truth is none other than a lie.

What is the point of the Nissan Leaf
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