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6 Things To Consider When Handling Waste On An RV

An RV can take you to your dream places and help you create memories. Nevertheless, not everything about RV-ing is pretty. Handling the waste on your RV is not enjoyable, but it is necessary. You have to maintain and empty the septic system regularly, or else you will not enjoy your adventure. Whether you want to rent or you are an RV owner, here are six things to consider when handling waste on an RV.

1. Black Water Waste.

Black water waste consists of human waste and comes from the toilet. If you have a self-contained RV, you will have to deal with this kind of a waste since you do not have to leave your RV to use the toilet or shower. All the waste is held in compartments within the vehicle. Dealing with black water waste depends on the make of your RV. If your RV uses a waste cassette, you need to add some “holding tank chemicals” to break down the waste completely. Slide the cartridge out from the hatch on the side of your RV to empty the waste cassette. Then go to the nearest black water disposal area to empty the waste. Once you have emptied the cartridge, rinse the tank and put it back in the hatch.

2. Grey Water Waste

Grey water waste comes from your kitchen, shower, and sinks. Some people think that you can dump grey water waste anywhere. However, this waste may contain harmful bacteria, and you should only dispose of it at designated areas. The disposing process is similar to that of black water waste.

3. Dumping Point

When RVing, you have to know where to find a dumping point to make your work easier. You can join the 59,000-member CMCA and get access to their website. The site has a feature known as Geo-Wiki, which shows where the dump points are in the country. The site also provides you with a Google map. Additionally, most caravan parks have dump points.

4. Make Dumping Easy

A blank tank is a very convenient system to use. With such a unit, you can go for about ten days without emptying it or having it full. Nevertheless, the system has its disadvantages such as sensor clog. Consider looking for a Tornado Permanent Washer to reduce this problem. You can connect this unit to mains water and be able to rinse the interior of the tank. Additionally, the washer is easy to set up, and it reduces odors.

5. Etiquette

You have to leave the dumping points clean. Most dumping points have a hose, which makes it easier for you to rinse. However, most of this water is recycled. As such, do not use it to refill your tanks.

6. Macerators

How does a macerator pump work on an RV? If you use a black tank, a macerator allows you to dump in any public toilet. You can purchase one at around $199 or look for marine toilets that have built-in macerators.

Now that you know how to handle waste on your RV, you can enjoy your camping. 

RV advice dailycarblog.com
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