Autogefuhl Blouse VW ID3
Horror As Autogefuhl Wears His Wife’s Blouse During VW ID3 Review… In Full Screen, Full HD Let’s GO!

We reckon Autogefuhl needs a stylist or a dressing down from his wife after he decided to wear a blouse during his in-depth review (in full screen, full HD, let’s go!) of the apology tour VW ID3. The ill-fitting shirt could be seen as a crime against humanity (in full screen, full HD, let’s go!). Nevertheless, Mr. Autogefuhl gives a typically suave overview of the ID3.

And he is the only reviewer who mentions why the ID3 even exists. Dieselgate. It’s good to see a motoring journalist actually doing his/her job rather than conveniently diverting any mention of dieselgate when discussing the ID3.

Many motoring journalists are saying that the ID3 is “the most important car VW has made in decades”. Important to who? and for what reason? You have got to understand why the VW ID3 exists. And it isn’t pretty reading.

But we are digressing, for the real star of this particular show isn’t the ID3 it’s Autogefuhl’s blouse, previously owned by his wife. And yes it’s in full screen, full HD and let’s goddamn GO!

Autogefuhl Blouse VW ID3
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