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Hennessey To Wave It’s Magic Wand Over The Porsche Tycan
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Extreme automotive tuners, Hennessey, have got their sights on the Porsche Tycan. If you didn’t know already the Tycan is Porsches’ first fully electric supercar. One would imagine that 750bhp and 774 lb-ft of torque (1,049 Nm in old money) and a 0-62mph time of 2.5 seconds is already more than quick enough. But to Hennessey, more than enough is never enough.

But the Hennessey Tycan isn’t about the extreme performance, it’s all about the modified-custom look. So think custom alloys, body kit, and interior, an altogether aggressive looking stance. In reality, Hennessey can’t really do much with the Porsche Tycan’s performance.

Hennessey is very much an analog modifier and the Tycan represents a state-of-the-art electric powertrain. In other words, Hennessey would need to acquire the appropriate technical knowledge and technology in order to boost the Tycan’s performance.

We reckon Hennessey could modify the software to boost top-end performance. And all that requires is a skilled software engineer and a laptop. Modifying and boosting the Tycan’s performance could well affect the OEM performance curve.

So, for example, more power will affect the range. More power could result in excess heat build-up and so on. Porsche will inevitably develop faster versions of the Tycan. Anyway, 750bhp is more than you will ever need in an electric car or fossil-fueled powered car.

Porsche Hennessy Tycan dailycarblog.com
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