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Scotty Kilmer Goes To War With O’Reilly Auto Parts

Scotty Kilmer is on the warpath with an auto parts store. He “terminates” O’Reilly Auto Parts. The basic summation is don’t go to an auto parts store before you price compare. And don’t forget about customer service. In the most obvious bit of advice, we have ever seen Kilmer ramble on for what seems like an age.

And his top bit of advice is that you can find cheap and good-quality auto parts on Amazon. Not the Amazon Forest Brazil’s far-right leader Bolsonaro has turned his back on but Jeff Bezos’ Amazon. And yes our billionaire friend Jeff reads this top-quality car blog.

What Kilmer is doing is promoting his Amazon affiliate partnership. Look below the video and you will find links to Amazon’s auto part store. Very crafty Mr. Kilmer. What will O’Reilly Auto Parts make of this… slander?

More to the point, when will Scotty clean up his back yard, it looks like a Bolsonaro toxic dumping ground.

O'reilly Auto Parts
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