Shell Oil global warming cover up
Another Shell Oil Global Warming Cover-Up Revealed

We’ve been hard at work here at DCB HQ uncovering Shell Oil’s expansive and rather large marketing budget. Because we have a small budget (none at all) we’ve been scouring YouTube to do our investigating journalism. And it turns out YouTube is one of the digital platforms Shell Oil has adopted to promote its “everything is fine, nothing to see here” philosophy. But everything isn’t fine, because for the last 40 years Shell Oil has known (from its own research) that their very own oil and gas production value chain has contributed to global warming.

So what has Shell Oil done to negate the effects of global warming? Deny everything and adopt an everything-is-fine-nothing-to-see-here corporate front. Even with their own scientific research (that they commissioned) Shell Oil is “deny everything”. Or they will say the research has been “misinterpreted”.

And now we have stumbled upon this Drivetribe video which features James May, Richard Hammond, Oliver, Sebastian Vettel, a Ferrari 458 Speciale and… you guessed it, Shell Oil. The video is a shameless plug for Shell Oil with a bit of James May and Richard Hammond banter thrown into the mix.

No motoring journalist should ever criticize Shell Oil because the company can use its considerable assets to infiltrate the best motoring publications around. And to many publications, YouTubers, small blogs Shell Oil money in the form of advertising or sponsorship is money they can not afford to turn down.

Except us, because we only have 4 confirmed readers, the dog, next-door neighbor’s cat, Carwow and Jeff Bezos. Top-quality car blog.

Of global warming James May has stated that you shouldn’t blame the car engine. He is correct, you should be blaming Shell Oil. This video is shameless propaganda.

Anyway we know where this video was filmed, the Shell Petrol Station near Towcester, a few miles from Silverstone Race Circuit in Northampton, Englandshire.

Shell Oil global warming cover up
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