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If The Next Generation Skoda Octavia Looks Like This Sketch We’ll Be First In The Line To Buy One😃
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Skoda has previewed the next generation Octavia in the form of a concept sketch. And as with all concept sketches the next generation Octavia looks great, stylish and dare I say… desirable. Purely based on the sketch we can deliberate that the fourth generation Octavia will borrow styling cues from the current generation and bigger brother Superb. Which is no bad thing.

The new Octavia is expected to arrive in the UK in mid-2020 and will be priced from £19,000. Expect the dimensions to grow and also expect mild-hybrid and full hybrid technology to be offered. But don’t expect the new Octavia to resemble the official sketch.

Production vehicles are always toned down due to a number of factors, the main ones are time and money. It’s cheaper to manufacture a car with less complex shapes, that’s the very basic economic take-away. But the new Octavia will feature some styling elements from the sketch.

But if it does look like the concept or gets close then its potentially game on. However compact saloons and estates is a declining market, how long will the Skoda Octavia last? Will it one day tansmorph into an SUV/coupe? Only time and demand will tell.

Skoda Octavia Concept dailycarblog
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