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The Art Of The Wheeler-Deal: The Types Of Car Salespeople You Will Meet

While there’s a lot to take on board, especially if you are new to the car buying process, once you walk into the dealership, you might feel that you are in for a major battle. But when it comes to buying a car, a lot of it is about subtle psychology. Remember, it’s all about the sale. And while there is a cliche in terms of car salespeople being pushy, not all of them are! There are a few different types of car salespeople you’ll meet in your life, so think about these, and use them to your advantage.

The Regular People 

While we can think about car salespeople being money-grabbing, we have to remember that a lot of them are people just trying to make a regular living. And in fact, these people make up the vast majority of people that work in car sales. And when it comes to going into any dealership, it’s a good idea to make a beeline for these people. These people are amiable and will be honest. There are so many different dealerships out there but you need to go for one that feels like you are speaking to your equal, rather than undergoing an intense battle. A place like MDS Car Sales deal with used cars, and usually, when it comes to used cars, there’s a lot less pressure on the workers to “close” a sale. Always go for the regular people!

Car Nerds 

You can spot these from a mile off! These are people that live and breathe cars, and they are are just looking for a reason to hang around cars all day long! What could be a shock to the system for these types of people is that in fact, selling cars is nothing to do with horsepower or 68 plates. And while these people try to blindside you with various jargon, you’ve got a distinct advantage if you play dumb. Rather than trying to match them in terms of knowledge, you are are able to get one up on them in the dealership by asking them to really dumb everything down, so much so that they are completely disinterested in talking to you. A lot of these people don’t have the sales prowess. This is something you can use to your advantage as well.

The Natural Salespeople 

Those that have the gift of the gab can send the fear of God into us. Some people are incredibly nice and these are the ones that manage to talk you into buying a car without you realising it, but with these people, they seem to have an answer for everything. While they are natural salespeople, you can still emerge unscathed from the dealership by keeping your cool. Ultimately, they want to sell a car to you, but you need the right car. You always have the power to walk away.

These three types you always encounter in a dealership, and if you know what you’re getting into, this gives you a fighting chance of getting, not just the car that you want, but paying what you can really afford.

Car dealer guide dailycarblog
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