Van buying guide
A Van Can Be Better Than A Car If You Know What To Look For…

Most people tend to think about getting a car as a way to get around, but for some, a van might prove to be a more useful vehicle. If you struggle to look after a car, a van can seem like a less labour-intensive alternative. But when it comes to buying a van, what do you need to look out for? 

Value For Money

Value for money is crucial. One of the things you can do to ensure that you do get good value for money is to compare it to similar vehicles on the market. It’s always worth going to a used car dealership like Davies Car Sales first because they will have fewer vans, meaning that you are more than likely to get a better deal. Going to an exclusive van dealership means that you have more choice, but the vehicles can vary in quality.

Check The Suspension 

While a car tends to be pretty good in terms of suspension, if you drive a car over many years continually loading the vehicle with lots of equipment and luggage, the suspension can wear down over time. While a van is stronger in this respect, you still need to check the suspension by pushing down on each corner. If the van bounces once and returns back to its normal position, the shock absorbers are in good condition.

Look Under The Bonnet 

Firstly you have got to make sure that the bonnet is cold before you start the engine. From there you can check to see if there are any signs of excessive smoke after starting the engine. Once you have taken the time to listen out for any odd noises, you can check the interior. Look at the dashboard and see if there are any warning lights, and also check the seat belts and locks are working.

Take It Out For A Test Drive 

A test drive is the main way to check a lot of the internal and external components. When you take a van out onto the road, you have got to check the brakes. Find a straight piece of road where you can test the brakes properly. You need to stop in a straight line and get a feel for the brakes. You have also got to listen out for grinding or squealing noises, because if this could spell trouble right away.

Check The Steering

Because we’re so used to responsive steering in a car, we might think that a van requires a bit more work. But the fact of the matter is that the steering of any van, new or used, should be incredibly responsive, without any free play. Because if the steering isn’t that responsive, it could be a sign of various issues. In this instance, you need to check that the tyre pressure is optimal.

Is a van better than a car? It can be. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for in terms of the right vehicle it’s worth doing these checks first.

Van buying guide
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